Get Summer’s Hottest Toys at Target!

This summer, Target has some of the best toys to keep your kids entertained inside and out. There are hundreds of affordable options to choose from, but here are New Age Mama's four top picks for summer fun in 2022. 

Tiny Groovy Glow Wubble

This fun toy will provide hours of outdoor fun. A combination of a bubble and a ball, once you blow this up it floats like a bubble but its a lot harder to pop. What makes this particular version even more fun are the psychedelic colors. Once blown up, the wubble is a tie-dye shade of orange, blue, and green that glows in the dark. The Wubble kept my kids entertained while we waited for the Friday night firework display and everyone around us was intrigued by the glow in the dark colors and how it floated on the breeze. Once it popped it had to be tossed, but it only costs a few bucks and was well worth the price.

Smithsonian Gem and Rock Dig

My kids and I are all rock hounds. I have a full collection of crystals and we scour the beach for the cool stones, but we've always wanted to dig for real gemstones. I'd love to dig for crystals in Arizona, but until I get there, the Smithsonian Gem and Rock Dig is the next best thing. This fun set comes with a slate of clay you can dig and chip away at until you unearth real gemstones. The kit makes for hours of fun and really kept my kids entertained. Once they were finished they had a dozen different gemstones in all different shapes and colors. It comes with everything you need, but if you use it inside, I suggest putting it under a cookie tray or something else that will make it easy to clean up because it does create a lot of dust. This is a great way to keep kids entertained on  a rainy summer day!

Smithsonian Jurassic World Dominion Prehistoric Projector Science Kit

My son is huge fan of dinosaurs so we were super excited to give this projector a try. We set it up in his room at night and were amazed at the realistic depictions it created on the wall. There are a variety of different dinosaurs and the pictures are very clear, but it may take a little work to achieve it. It works best on a plain white or tan wall. You can adjust the focus to make the image larger or smaller depending on how big the surface is. Once I had it set up, my son was able to switch the images independently. He loves it and leaves it switched on until he falls asleep. Every night there's a different dinosaur. This is a fun and educational toy perfect for any kids who love dinosaurs. 

All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback

This Pro Passer is the perfect outdoor toy. My son is hoping to try our for the football team this year, but with with only me and his sister in the house, he didn't have anyone to practice with. Even when I tried, I failed miserably at passing the ball. This robotic quarterback allows him to play outside independently. It passes his the ball and he can run and catch it. It works way better than I expected. You just put it on the base and it takes off. Assembly was easy and we haven't had any issues with it. My son is outside playing with it every day.

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