Fun Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Lockdown


Several countries have decided to lift their lockdowns while some have maintained their lockdown measures to curb the spread of the new covid 19 variants. Most families have been forced to keep to their homes, and it has been a challenge, especially for children who had become accustomed to family outings where they used to engage in fun activities away from home. Because of this, parents have had to get creative in an effort to find ways to keep their kids entertained at home.

Fun Activities at Home


There are several ways in which you as a parent can engage your kids at home during a lockdown. Even without a lockdown, we cannot help but worry about the safety of our loved ones in public places as the coronavirus still looms. 

As adults, we have better chances of surviving as we have a vaccine that strengthens our immunity against the virus. However, kids have not yet been cleared to be vaccinated, so it is our duty to keep them safe at home. We are going to discuss some fun activities that you can engage in with your children at home.

Cooking Activities


As our children watch us cook meals on a daily basis, they become curious and develop an interest in cooking. One of the best ways you can make your kids happy is to engage them in cooking and baking activities every once in a while. You can make it a weekly activity for the weekend when you are not tied up with work.

This family tradition will strengthen the bond between you and your kids and help them pick up cooking skills that will become useful to them in the future. However, it is important to be vigilant and keep watch as there is a fire hazard when kids are involved in the kitchen. Also, make sure they do not handle sharp kitchen tools such as knives.

Home Cinema


Your kids were probably used to going to cinemas to watch their favorite films during weekends. You can still maintain this activity for them in the confines of your home. Set up a home cinema in the garage for them and make them feel like they are in an actual cinema hall. Don't forget the popcorn, huh?

You can ask your nearest plastic chair supplier to provide you with strong and fancy plastic chairs and set them up for your kids to sit on in your home cinema. Allow your kids to choose out the films they want to watch a few days in advance to create that sense of anticipation that will make it even more exciting for them, just as in a real cinema. 

Hair and Makeup Sessions


This is especially fun for little girls who love to watch their mothers do their make-up every morning. Get kid-friendly make-up kits and allow them to do their own make-up and do yours too. The best way to go about this is to go full on the makeup, from foundation powder to eyelashes to lipstick.

Make this memorable for them by taking videos and pictures of them as they have the time of their life. Do not forget to teach them to appreciate themselves and love themselves for who they are. This will help them build their self-esteem.

Scavenger Hunt


Hide little treasures around your home for your kids to find. This is particularly fun if you set it up in your entire home, including the backyard, different rooms in the house, and in the garden. Your kids will be so excited running around looking for these treasures, especially if there is a reward at the end. 

You can incorporate this with hide and seek games to make it more interesting for them. Make sure that you also participate in this activity to show them that you enjoy playing with them. They will appreciate you for that.

Story Telling

Sit in a circle and let each and everyone have a turn at storytelling or reading a storybook. If you have toddlers who cannot read yet, take the opportunity to entertain them with fun storybooks that are fun and educational for them. This activity sharpens your child’s intelligence and prepares them for when they join school.

Do a Science Experiment


Have you seen the coca-cola and mentos in oil experiment? Kids absolutely love this one. They get to create an illusion of a volcanic eruption using these three items, and the bedazzlement on their faces when they see the bubbles erupt is out of this world. Try this with your kids at home, and they will for sure think you are a magician.


Lockdowns have been associated with mental health conditions such as depression. This is due to isolation and boredom that has forced some people to deal with their problems head-on without any distractions. This does not have to be the case for you and your family. As a family, strive to always find a way to entertain each other and keep each other happy. This will strengthen your bond as a family and help you overcome any challenges.

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