Free Halloween Preschool Printables Kids Will Love

Collection of fun and entertaining Halloween preschool printables. These free Halloween printables are a great way for younger kids to have fun, whilst also benefiting from some educational activities.

Download the printables for some easy spooky Halloween fun that all preschoolers will love.

Free Halloween Preschool Printables

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Halloween is a great time of year.

Everyone dresses up in all kinds of weird and wonderful costumes, kids complete Halloween crafts and make treat or trick bags and then head out to fill them with lots of sweet treats.

But it is also a time when people can go wild with their Halloween decorations, creating spooky vibes all over their home.

For the younger kids, it might first seem that there isn’t much for them to be involved with other than the dressing up and candy collection. This certainly isn’t the case.

There are so many fun things for preschoolers to be involved in which take on board many of the weird and wonderful Halloween themes.

This selection of Halloween preschool printables are the perfect example.

These printables incorporate Halloween themes of ghosts, witches, Jack O’Lanterns, monsters, candy corn and so much more.

The printables also provide numerous activities which will ensure that no-one gets bored.

The Halloween preschool printables have been grouped into sections to make it easier for you to sort through.

Take a look through then simply print and enjoy!

Halloween Coloring Pages

Whilst coloring pages are incredibly fun, they are also perfect for preschoolers and younger kids.

Did you know that coloring pages are actually a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills?

Not only that, but sitting young kids down to complete some coloring will assist with their patience, provide them with some relaxation and helps build their hand eye coordination.

So coloring pages are actually a fun way to assist with children’s development.

Pretty awesome right?

These coloring pages will therefore be perfect to bring out at Halloween.

1. Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids

Source: Smart Party Planning

This set of 4 free Halloween coloring pages include spooky but fun pumpkins, ghosts and Frankenstein.

They are super cute Halloween designs, which makes them perfect for younger kids.

Halloween Coloring Pages

2. Charlie Brown Coloring Pages

Source: The Simple Homeschooler

Love Charlie Brown? These printables would be perfect for you.

These coloring pages are based around the Charlie Brown movie and they make a great way to enjoy Halloween with younger kids without making anything spooky.

There are 10 free pages to download and enjoy.

Charlie Brown Halloween Coloring Pages

3. Cute Pumpkin Coloring Pages

Source: Two Kids And A Coupon

There is nothing scary about these pumpkin coloring pages, which makes them perfect for preschoolers to enjoy.

The kids would love completing these.

Cute Pumpkin Coloring Pages

4. Candy Corn Coloring Pages

Source: Our Real Life

There are 5 adorable candy corn coloring pages to choose from which are perfect for the younger ones creativity.

Candy Corn Coloring Pages

5. Cute Halloween Witch Coloring Pages

Source: Two Kids And A Coupon

If you think of Halloween, you pretty much think of witches. But these witches are not the scary kind, which makes them perfect for preschoolers and young kids.

These witches are definitely more of the fun, happy kind that young kids will love to explore their imagination with.

Cute Halloween Witch Coloring Pages

6. Jack O Lantern Coloring Pages

Source: Dresses And Dinosaurs

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Jack O Lantern.

These Jack O’Lantern coloring pages are perfect for the little kids who are unable to help with carving their own. This way they still get to create their perfect Jack O’Lantern.

Jack O'Lantern Coloring Pages

Halloween Printable Activities

Activities are the perfect way to engage young learners. Printable activities give so many benefits just like the coloring pages do.

Printable activity packs can assist with number recognition, logical thinking, exploration, developing fine motor skills and more.

So whilst you think that you might just be giving your preschooler a fun printable activity to keep them occupied for a while, there are SO many more educational benefits too.

And in the meantime, the kids will have so much fun.

It’s a win win for all!

7. Halloween I Spy Activity Sheet

Source: Literacy Learn

Kids will have a blast finding all the Halloween characters in this giant Jack O’Lantern.

They will need to search through the Jack O’Lantern, to count and find all the hidden things.

I Spy Halloween Printable

8. Disney Halloween Placemat

Source: The Savy Mama Lifestyle

These placements are perfect to use at Halloween parties or dinners.

The kids can be given one each, and complete them during pre or post dinner conversation. They would also be the perfect activity to take out to restaurants.

The kids can complete a word search, maze, play noughts and crosses and still be able to complete some coloring it.

There is lots of fun to be had here.

Halloween Disney Place Mat

9. A-Z Halloween Activities

Source: Homeschool Of 1

You wont be short of ideas with this printable pack. There are so many worksheets to complete that the kids will be entertained for hours.

Each sheet is related to a letter of the alphabet and is Halloween themed. The kids will enjoy completing a range of literacy and puzzle activities.

These worksheets would be perfect for preschoolers and also kids in the first grade.

A-Z Halloween Printable

10. Halloween Count And Graph Worksheets

Source: Homeschool Of 1

Print these 3 worksheets for spooky counting, coloring and graph fun.

These worksheets are kept very simple for the younger kids.

Count and graph Halloween work sheet

11. Candy Corn Worksheets

Source: Simple Everyday Mom

This candy corn printable set includes 5 pages of fun that are all related to the letter C.

There are mazes, a handwriting page and dot printables.

Candy Corn Worksheets

12. Halloween Dot To Do Printables

Source: Simply Full Of Delight

Dot to dot worksheets are perfect for the younger ones to help with their number sense.

They can have a lot of fun working out the sequence of number to create a fun Halloween picture.

And when the picture has been created, it turns into a coloring page! There are 4 dot to dot printables to enjoy.

Halloween dot to dot printables

13. Halloween Counting Sheets

Source: Irish American Mom

These counting sheets are perfect for preschoolers and those in the first grade.

With numbers one to ten, there are plenty of sheets for the kids to enjoy.

Halloween counting sheets

14. Halloween Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Source: Little Ladoo

These Halloween preschool printables are perfect to help kids practice their letter sounds.

The printable sheets consist of pictures with 3 letters attached.

The kids have to choose which letter is connected to the picture and then clip a peg onto it.

With lots of pictures available this is a great Halloween activity.

Halloween Clip Sounds Cards

15. Halloween Play Dough Mats

Source: The Printables Fairy

Each of the printable play dough mats has a different activity that the kids can be involved it.

Ensure that the printables are laminated before use so that they can be used over and over again.

Spider playdoh mat

16. Printable Pumpkin Play Dough Mat

Source: Mama Cheaps

The kids will enjoy creating lots of fun pumpkin faces with this mat.

They can use their own imagination or use the ideas for shapes from the top of the printable.

Pumpkin playdoh mat

17. Halloween Play Dough

Source: Picklebums

Play dough is a wonderful sensory play activity that also allows for a lot of expression and creativity.

Use these printable eyes and bones to create some Halloween specific creations.

Halloween play dough Printables

18. Life Cycle Of A Pumpkin

Source: Nature Inspired Learning

Literacy activities for preschoolers can be a lot of fun, and a great example is this life cycle of a pumpkin activity.

The worksheets and sorting cards will allow the kids to learn about the growth stages as well as using their vocabulary and literacy skills.

Life cycle of a pumpkin sorting cards

19. Monster Floam And Printable

Source: Ruffles And Rain Boots

For a bit of sensory play, this monster floam is perfect.

The kids can enjoy making the floam and then playing with it afterwards. They will enjoy squishing the floam between their fingers in minutes.

Store in a container and use the free printable to complete the Halloween theme.

Monster floam

20. Monster Puppets

Source: Pickle Bums

These printable monster puppets are perfect for the younger children.

Simply print off the monster pictures, turn them into puppets and allow for some creative play.

Monster Puppets

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables

Scavenger hunts are another fun activity for preschoolers that also hold an educational value.

Scavenger hunts are perfect for kids to practice their problem solving skills, enforces their sensory regulation and also gives them a bit of exercise!

You may ask the children to complete the scavenger hunt by themselves or in a team.

Whilst the kids are enjoying hunting for different items, they will have no idea that they are benefitting educationally too!

21. 4 Page Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Source: Organized 31

These scavenger hunt pages have pictures and the associated text to ensure that they are perfect for preschoolers but also kids in the first grade who are learning to read.

If you don’t have the items to hand, print off more of the sheets and then ask the kids to hunt for the related pictures.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Printables

22. Halloween Scavenger Hunt Sheet

Source: Confessions of Parenting

You can never have too many scavenger hunt worksheets, and this one has a lot of Halloween items to find.

Ensure that you print of a separate sheet for each child.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Games

All kids love games, and these ones are prefect for the Halloween holidays.

23. Roll A Pumpkin Game

Source: Play Party Plan

This roll a pumpkin game is perfect for preschool kids and also incorporates a lot of math skills.

The kids have to roll a dice, and then coordinate the matching number to the part of the pumpkin that needs to be built.

This is the type of learning fun that will really keep their attention.

Roll a jack o lantern game

24. Monster Match Halloween Bingo

Source: Play Party Plan

Did anyone say Halloween was full of monsters?

Well the kids certainly wont mind these monsters as they are of the super cute kind!

Bingo is such a fun game and will provide hours of fun.

Download the cards to get your game started.

Monster Mash Bingo Cards

25. Halloween Bingo

Source: All Bingo Cards

Love the bingo but would prefer Halloween pictures that are not monsters?

This is the Halloween Bingo that you are looking for!

There are 10 different bingo cards, with pictures matching numbers too.

Halloween Bingo

26. Spooky Bingo

Source: Crafts By Amanda

Kids love a good game of bingo, so here is another design to choose from.

This spooky bingo game has 6 different cards to print and enjoy.

Spooky Halloween Bingo

27. Roll A Skeleton Play Doh Mat

Source: Mama Cheaps

These play doh mats create a fun game for kids. The kids have to roll the dice to see which part of the skeleton that they need to make.

The game will help with hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills and also number recognition.

Roll a skeleton game

28. Halloween Memory Game

Source: Learning Ideas For Parents

Kids love playing memory games and they would enjoy this one over Halloween.

Simply print the cards, laminate and then have fun playing!

Halloween memory game

29. Memory Match Game

Source: Journey To SAHM

And another memory match game to have fun with. This game includes 12 matching sets.

You could even mix and match the memory sets to create an even bigger game.

Halloween Memory Match Game

30. Monster Drawing Printable Game

Source: Rainy Day Mum

This game will allow for a lot of creativity and cause a lot of laughs too.

Throw the dice and start creating the monster.

Monster drawing printable game

Halloween is often associated with dressing up and going out to gather lots of sweet treats, but there is a whole lot more fun that can be had over Halloween.

The best part about all these Halloween preschool printables is that they are ALL available for you to download for Free!

That means you have instant access to a whole heap of coloring pages, activities and games at your fingertips.

Entertaining preschoolers over the Halloween holidays has never been easier!

Pick as many printables as you like and have

This is such a fun way for the younger kids to enjoy the Halloween season.

Need more ideas for Halloween? Check out the selection of best easy Halloween party ideas. You will have a ton of inspiration for different themes, food, decorations and more.

Let’s keep in touch. Did you love this selection of Halloween preschool printables? Sign up to the weekly newsletter to be kept up to date with other holiday ideas, including decorations, recipes and more. You will also have access to the subscribers library of free printables. See you there!

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