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Looking for the secret code to spark your kiddo’s love of learning? 💡

The answer is always, CodeSpark! This award-winning app teaches kids ages 5-9 valuable coding concepts through fun games and puzzles! Even better, there are a whopping 1,000+ hours of coding activities and games available, plus new content is added each month.

Ready to give CodeSpark a try? Grab this FREE 30-Day CodeSpark Academy trial subscription when you use our exclusive promo code HIP30 at checkout!

*Note that the code may automatically apply or you can enter it after filling out your information.

Bonus! For a limited time, you can also score a FREE Ninja or Glitch Plushie when you gift a Lifetime CodeSpark Subscription to a friend or family member!

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Spark an interest in coding…

When it comes to educational play, there isn’t much out there. But there are millions of video games and apps that have little to no educational value or skill-building qualities. Making them pretty pointless when you want to make sure your kiddo is not only playing but learning as well. Plus, the ones that do offer some sort of educational element can seem too “boring” for kids. This is where the award-winning app, CodeSpark Academy, swoops in to save the day!

Your kiddos will learn drag-and-drop coding through vivid visuals, which progressively increase in difficulty as they master a skill. Once your child masters the puzzles, they can create games of their own including side-scrolling video games! How cool! 

Plus, no reading skills are necessary, so younger kids still learning will be able to enjoy this program, too.

Here’s how you can score your free CodeSpark trial:

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  • Click here to visit
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Use promo code HIP30
  • Enter your payment Information – Note, that you will not be charged anything at this time. At the end of the trial, your card will be charged according to the plan selected on sign-up. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Download the app & play!

After your free trial, you can choose a plan to keep your kids coding! The annual plan is $100 or just $8.33 per month! Or choose to pay monthly at $9.99 and cancel anytime. Give your kids a head start and sign up! If you’ve priced out coding camps for school breaks, you’ll know that this is a great price!

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Kids learn best through play!

Your kids will have so much fun playing with the cute and fun-loving characters called The Foos, they won’t even realize they are learning complex coding concepts! CodeSpark Academy teaches basic problem-solving, logical thinking skills, profound creativity, persistence, and resilience, plus it gives them a big boost in confidence! Your little one will love learning multiple different coding ways with the use of one simple game!

CodeSpark allows you to track the progress of up to three children, great if you have more than one kiddo who is interested in learning these fun and simple coding concepts.

Even better, kiddos can access the CodeSpark app from iTunes, Google Play, or the Amazon app store! Or if you’d rather, they can visit the CodeSpark website to play directly.

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Our Sidekick, Melinda’s kiddos LOVE this app!🙌

As a mom of three young children, my husband and I have implemented strict rules on screen time, use of devices, video games, and apps. We have one iPad that the whole family shares. When we do allow screen time, I want to feel good about what my kids are experiencing. Recently, my 5-year-old wanted to play a video game that had no educational value. I told him no, but began looking for an alternative that he would enjoy but also gain some skills from.

I remembered our post for CodeSpark Academy and thought why not try out the free trial, as there’s really no risk with a free 30 days. We’re two weeks in now and it’s safe to say Aiden is loving CodeSpark as well as my two older children ages 8 and 10. CodeSpark Academy really does have a video game feel but with subtle forms of educating users with problem-solving prompts, causing them to use their thinking skills while remaining persistent in the challenges. I love that my kiddos have a safe alternative to “technology time” as we call it.

Now we struggle with sharing the one device because they all want a turn playing CodeSpark!😉


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