Eye Spy Card Game by Hapinest

Fifty cards, 4 categories, 26 letters, 10 numbers, 8 colors, 6 shapes and endless fun packed into one handheld carrying tote. Eye Spy Card Game is the perfect road trip, rainy day or fun day companion for kids 3 and up.

With 3 different ways to play, Eye Spy Card Game is great for mixed ages (sibling approved) and provides varying levels of difficulty. With each variation, players choose or are given a card from the deck and try to find something that corresponds to their card. The target can be a letter, number, shape or color. Each game creates learning opportunities for shape and color recognition and matching, sound and letter correspondence, and numbers and counting.

Kids certainly got creative with their Eye Spy spies, as they paid close attention to details and even offered a rationale for their picks. “A is for adorable and our dog is adorable.” It was a perfect take along toy for the car, indoors, and outdoor seeking. It adds just the right amount of structure and challenge to an age old game where kids are also reinforcing learning concepts.

We loved this educational and fun spin on Eye Spy that brings on anticipation, cooperation, and a bit of competition. It’s excellent for strengthening recognition of colors and shapes, understanding letters and sounds, and practicing number recognition and correspondence in real life scenarios. The Eye Spy Card Game keeps kids engaged, attentive, exercises their creativity and conversation and brings a whole lot of fun to your next family activity.

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