Christmas 2021: Christmas Elves, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

Our tradition of giving "experiences" instead of "things" for Christmas and birthdays continues.  Santa does bring some practical & educational gifts.  And all the siblings make homemade presents for each other.  
Our little elves were very busy the week before Christmas.  Miss L painted wooden beads that she found in our craft cupboard and made bracelets for everyone in our family. 
Not to be outdone Baby A made a big craft area glitter mess... This is him mirroring my uh-oh face, I think.
Brother S made a wonderful little blue truck for Baby A, which he loves to play with.  He also made various other wooden games for everyone. 
I made the kids each a handmade Christmas Eve pillowcase.  Usually I make jammies, but they each just got new jammies for our camping trip.  For Christmas day they received some slippers & mittens made from and upcycled sweater, a knitted beret, and a reading pillow. .

We had our traditional Christmas Eve dinner -- junk food and shrimp while watching a movie. Daddy got a Harry and David goodie box from work that was part of the feasting. Big Sister A made chocolate dipped pretzels with peppermint candy cane sprinkles.  We tested out a new caramel popcorn recipe. It was easy and delicious. 

Reading a books and making a mess instead of watching "Encanto" with everyone else. 

Christmas morning!

The after photos -- an explosion of presents. 

Miss L received a sweet gift from her cousin N. And the boys each got a bakugan toy from their cousins as well. 
Big sister A used her story writing talents to make each family member a present -- a funny personalized story.  We ready them aloud and it was one of my favorite parts of Christmas day. 

Baby A had his first experience with unwrapping things and did not really get into it.  He did enjoy his presents, once Daddy put them together. 

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