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Check the fridge is a fun way to practice adding to 25 with a group of children. Since it involves bluffing, it is most fun with 4 to 6 players. While I’m not sure how helpful the math aspect of this game really was, especially for my kids in mid-elementary and older, ALL of my kids thought this game was a blast. Even my 5-year-old caught on right away to all the rules and didn’t need any help to play.

Check the Fridge by Melon Rind

Check the Fridge Game Details

Product: Check the Fridge
Company: Melon Rind
Recommended Age Range: box says 8 and up. I think it is ideal for 6 and up, though everyone thought it was fun
Price Range: ~$20
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A lot of the time when we play competitive games one of my kids will meltdown at some point during the game, however, though for some reason, this one tends not to cause that. Maybe it is because my kids know that things can change rapidly, especially towards the end of the game. Maybe it is because the older kids do not have a significant advantage over the younger kids, so they all know it’s anyone’s game. I think the most likely reason, however, is because my kids all enjoy the bluffing aspect, so they are just too busy having fun. (When we played today, one of my kids proudly stated that he was good at this game because he’s a really good liar. Insert palm to forehead emoji, LOL! We had to have a little talk about how that is not something to brag about.)

Honestly, as far as being a math game goes, I don’t really think it teaches a whole lot. The cards are coded by vegetable, so there is only one way to make 25 for each of the 6 vegetable options. Even my 5 year old can figure it out without even needing to add. Like the Clumsy Thief games by the same company, I think this game is good for number recognition and increasing a child’s comfort level with numbers, but since it is marketed as a game for 8 and up, I don’t think it really adds a lot of value to its target audience. Clumsy Thief has slightly more educational value, since being able to add numbers to make 100 is slightly more useful. However, as far as my kids are concerned, Check the Fridge is a lot more fun!

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