Angie Lee on Business, Routines, CBD, and the Secret to Success

Angie Lee and I met online and immediately I found her content to have extreme value. She was always putting the audience first.

We met in person at Sunlife Organics with my friend Khalil and I just had to invite her on the blog. I just knew she would give you guys scuh a valuablue post and, boy oh boy did she ever.  In this post you’re going to learn JUST SO MANY tips for time management, wellness hacks, morning and nightime routines, how to standout, and if you have an idea, why you should just start.

Not only is Angie a podcast host and entrepreneur, but she also hosts live conferences, is such an authentic influencer and will be soon be adding ‘author’ to her list of accomplishments.

Without further adieu, let’s welcome Angie to the blog.


Introduce yourself to The Skinny Confidential audience.

Angie Lee: Hiya! I’m Angie! 

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been allergic to following the rules and coloring inside the lines. I’ve been an entrepreneur since diapers, hosting ‘conferences’ for my Barbies with my toothbrush microphone.

A college & corporate dropout, I started my wellness blog (when I was supposed to be paying attention in Chem class lol) and my first business when I was 19. $100k in debt & no idea what the heck I was doing, I just knew I couldn’t work for someone else.

Today, I host live conferences and The Angie Lee Show podcast. My mission is to inspire women to own their weird, hack their wellness & start before they are ready. My upcoming book is called Ready Is A Lie and my next big scary dream is stand up comedy.

I’m also the Co-Founder/Chief Fun Officer of Soul with my brother, Mike. My brother was a professional athlete who fell in love with CBD for pain management & has an incredible story of going from 8 medications to 0. Together, we created Soul to help others heal naturally.

My community is called the #BabyGrandmas because we’re old souls in young bodies! Think: dinner at 4pm, JOMO, PJ’s > DJ’s and the bathtub > dance club. I came up with the term 12 years ago in college and now it’s my community + merch line!

Tell us how you’ve managed to stand out so well, while staying true to your brand.

AL: The most exhausting thing we can do is be inauthentic.

You can take all the supplements & drink all the green juice, but if you’re not living in alignment, you’re going to be freaking exhausted. The most energized people don’t pretend to be someone they are not. Who I am online is who I am offline and people can feel that congruence. 

When I first launched my brand I acted like a stuffy news reporter with a stick up her butt. Ew. That’s not me…at all. I remember the day I sent out my first email with swear words & poop jokes. Within a few minutes I received hundreds of replies from women who finally felt SEEN. Same with speaking. I used to wear a dress and heels because I was trying to look like everyone else. Now, I wear a crop top, jeans and sneakers because it’s what feels the most ME.

I really believe that owning your weird is the greatest gift you can give yourself as a creative. What makes you different is what makes you great.

It’s 2022. Don’t post what all the cool girls in your niche are posting. Share the content YOU want to see & start your own trends.

Lastly, I am huge on “come with me” content vs “look at me” content. I want my audience to always feel like they are learning with me vs me being the expert. When I started my podcast in my closet & my first live event had only 5 women, I took my audience along on that journey. Transparency & vulnerability have been my superpowers. 

The secret to success is obviously a number of different things. What is your list of things that you think has helped you maintain a successful career?

AL: Know your Enneagram: Take this free quiz if you haven’t! I am a total Enneagram 7 and knowing this has helped me so much with understanding how I work and what I am motivated by. When it comes to new projects, I am constantly asking myself “how can I make this more fun?” I am not motivated by goals as much as I am motivated by the experience being FUN. Self awareness doesn’t sound sexy but it’s a GAME CHANGER when running a biz!

Know how your brain works: Everyone’s brain is so different when it comes to focus and motivation. I have ADHD (I got tested at the Amen Clinic last year & share about my experience here) & have learned how to use it as my superpower vs. my disadvantage. I now know dopamine is my bff when I need to focus so I HAVE to move my body & take nootropics before doing deepwork.

Know that you’re a cucumber rolling on a ball so you may as well go for it: Real talk. When I am afraid to do something I remind myself that we are basically cucumbers (60% water) rolling around on a ball in space. Life is a game. It’s meant to be playful & full of risks. It’s not meant to be taken so dang seriously. 

Know that everyone poops: Even Beyoncé. Seriously though. Comparisonitis and thinking everyone else has all the answers (or something you don’t have) is the biggest cockblock when it comes to success.  No one ahead of you knows what the cheeseballs they are doing…they are just willing to look stupid & have a day 1.

Put your wellness FIRST: Energy is truly your greatest asset. Feeling GOOD is what allows me to be multi-passionate & create a lot of content. When you FEEL GOOD you DO GOOD, so make protecting your energy your #1 job. 

What are your strategies for connecting & growing your community & audience? Your community is so strong.

AL: From selling out digital courses, physical products & live events…what I have learned is this:

Community first, product second: I ask my community what products they need vs just making up random products to sell. I treat my audience like they are my close girlfriends & ask a lot of questions. Create products for your customers, don’t try to find customers for your products.

Community > celebrity: I focus on the relationship with my community vs trying to get famous. I think many of us make the mistake of wanting millions of followers, a celebrity shout out and a blue check mark when the focus should be on the relationship we are building with our audience. 

Here are some hacks that have helped: 

It goes down in the DM: Seriously though. DM’s are the #1 way I create intimacy with my community. I respond to every single DM & ask a lot of questions. Hot tip: video or voice back as if you are Facetiming a best girlfriend. Also, write your captions as if you are texting a bff. This  tip has helped me a ton to find my authentic voice.

Ask a shit load of questions: Like any relationship, you want to be genuinely curious about the other person. The IG question box is SO powerful for engagement and learning more about who you are speaking to.

Face to camera IG stories: Video builds trust unlike any other medium. Humans buy from humans, not products. Video allows your followers to really get to know your mannerisms, voice and personality. It also shows your imperfections which is awesome because no one likes a perfect person, yaknow?

Make your community feel special & give them a name: Seth Godin’s quote says it best. “If you don’t have outsiders, you don’t have insiders.” Having inside lingo with your community & certain fun ism’s makes them feel unique & special. 

Be 50% teacher and 50% friend: I am constantly oscillating between educational and entertaining content. As an influencer, this blend has really helped me build trust and intimacy. 

Perfect is boring, so don’t try to be it: Allow your audience to see all aspects of you. Even the messy ones. Consumers are smart. They don’t only want to see your highlight reel. More than ever we are craving unfiltered, unscripted & imperfect content.

What are your time management tips & tricks?

AL: I freaking love this question since I have ADHD & managing time is always the hardest thing for me. Here’s a few things that have helped me as a squirrelpreneur:

Sticky notes all over the house: I put reminders everywhere. Even my shower. These shower sticky notes are my fav when the creative ideas hit while nakie!

Content Batching: I try to keep certain days for specific tasks so my brain can focus on one thing at a time! Ex: podcast days are only for podcasting. Reels/Tiktok days are only for creating videos. 

Take shit off your plate: What do you need to say no to right now? I find that doing LESS better has been my secret to getting shit done. Get super honest with yourself if it’s a good opportunity or just a shiny object. 

Phone on airplane mode or in the other room.  Enough said.

Hire help to stay accountable. This may sound silly but my assistant who helps with my calendar knows to text me during the day to keep me on track. I think this is KEY for every ADHD entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to hire help to keep you on track. 

Smart multi-tasking: Ex: I love writing my captions while chilling on my lymph machine.

How do you set up your mornings for success? Do you have a specific morning routine?

AL: My belief is this: A great morning starts the night before.

So, going to bed early is my biggest tip for an energized + happy morning.

Tongue scrape: This is literally the FIRST thing I do before eating or drinking anything. I am huge on getting that harmful gross bacteria off my tongue!

Enema: Yup. I went there. I usually do this 2x a month on an empty stomach to detox & get a little mental clarity boost! I don’t drink coffee but I will absolutely stick it up my butt. This is my favorite kit. It’s super cute because why not poop in style yaknow?

Hydration: I love adding Quinton + LMNT electrolytes to my water!

Ice Ice, baby: I ice my face to get rid of morning puffy eyes (with the best face ice roller, ever) and take a 1 min freezing cold shower. I’ll be honest. Most days I only make it 30 seconds but it’s been amazing for my energy. 

Walk outside ASAP: My morning “BabyGrandma” walk in the sun while listening to a podcast is a NON- NEGOTIABLE. I don’t care where I am in the world…this MUST happen. This is my alone time to brainstorm, dream + think. Fun fact: I create all my content ideas outside on walks & then email the notes to myself later! I am allergic to sitting down to focus so this has worked really well for me.

Ovasitol to stabilize blood sugar: I’ve been adding this to my morning cacao drink to help with PCOS + balancing insulin levels.

Swing Master Lymph Machine: This is such an epic way to get my lymph moving in the morning while answering DM’s! It’s like legs up the wall but even better.

Brain dump my ‘Big 3’:  I bust out a neon sticky note and write down the 3 big tasks I need to get done that day. 

Nootroopics: I don’t do coffee (makes me jittery) so nootropics like our Alert Caps are my go-to for focus & a little pick me up. Zero jitters. 100% focus. And it really helps me with brain fog.

And what about for nighttime? What do you do to unwind?

AL: A true #BabyGrandma, I need 9 hours of sleep to function and not be a crazy hangry woman the next day. I start my nighttime routine around 8pm because it has a LOT of steps. lol.

Frownies: I am trying to hold off on Botox for as long as possible so these badboys are coming in clutch to smooth my forehead naturally. 

Eye Mask: Listen, ladies. Pair this silky smooth eyemask with Frownies and Yoga Toes and your man isn’t going to be able to keep his hands off you. You’re welcome.

Magnesium: I love this healthy hot cacao, Chocolate Gold is packed with Magnesium & curbs my nighttime cravings. I also love the Calm drink.

Eat with the sun – Circadian Rhythm Diet: Basically I eat with the sun. I learned this energy hack from my friend who’s a sleep guru a few years ago & it’s helped me soooo much. I stop eating once the sun goes down. It gives your body time to rest + digest. My dinner is usually protein (salmon or steak) + healthy fats to keep my blood sugar stable while sleeping. 

Drench my face in oils: For natural anti-aging, I loveeeeeee Primally Pure’s Baby Oil. It’s my favorite non-toxic oil packed with jojoba + coconut oil that makes your face as smooth as a baby’s butt. This is my favorite oil to use for Gua Sha-ing too.

No phones past 8pm: THIS IS A HARD RULE. This is gonna sound nuts but I unplug our wifi before bed for the EMF’s too. Turning off electronics has helped me calm down tremendously! I wake up so much less anxious if I don’t scroll my phone at night. Also, staring at blue light really messes up your circadian rhythm and melatonin. If we do watch a movie I make sure to wear my bluelight blocking glasses.

Salt lamps: These baby wall lights will instantly make your bedroom feel like a spa! It’s also super zen for sexytime. I turn these on as soon as the sun goes down to support my natural melatonin levels & keep my eyes healthy.

Brain dump: If something is stressing me out before bed, I write it down. Sleep is largely emotional. Journaling down all my to-do’s allows me to mentally relax.

Weighted Blanket: Oh my lanta. Weighted blankies are so underrated. They make you feel so safe & so calm. It feels like a warm HUG from Grandma.

Make the room and bed super cold: To know me is to know that I have an unhealthy obsession with my ChiliSleep mattress. Literally my bff. It cools your bed so you don’t wake in the middle of the night sweating in all the weird places. Also, we keep our bedroom between 60-67 degrees.

CBD to calm my tits: I created our Soul sleep products because I had such crippling anxiety at night. CBD before bed  (especially our delish Sleepi gummies + Chill caps) really help to stop my racing brain and relax. It feels like a glass of wine without any of the calories or sugar… SCORE!

How do you structure your day to be the most efficient, while also prioritizing your main tasks?

AL: Something I learned a few years ago that has changed my productivity is learning my “peak creative window.”

Studies show that there is a small window each day (2-3 hours a day MAX) that creatives actually feel creative. It’s basically our prime flow state. 

It’s super short and learning yours is a game changer. 

My window is between 11-2pm so that’s when I do my most creative/high energy work. 

It’s a short window so I really maximize it. I make sure to workout right before so my brain is on FIRE & turn off all distractions. 

If you were to mentor an up and coming entrepreneur, what would your top 5 tips be?


    1. Curiosity is your compass: There’s no one “find your purpose” course or book that will help you figure out your purpose. That’s bullshit. To turn what you love into a job, you have to be insanely curious and willing to TRY a lot of different things. 
    2. Start before you’re ready: My saying, #ReadyIsALie, really came from me realizing this one secret: No one knows what they heck they are doing. Every successful person is still just figuring it out. Be willing to be a beginner and look stupid.
    3. Own your weird: The best way to stand out from all the social media noise is to stop trying to be like everyone else. Where are you dimming your light so you can fit in? Social media is so noisy now that the best way to stand out is to be unapologetically yourself. I really believe that owning your weird is the greatest gift you can give yourself as a creative. What makes you different is what makes you great.
    4. Don’t rush success: There’s a reason why people who have overnight success/go viral are depressed. Success is supposed to take time. Find joy in the journey…even the sucky moments.
    5. Comparison will kill your joy: Scrolling and comparing your business to Suzy with the 6 pack, 6 figure income & 6 “perfect” kids will only lead to feeling like crap. Trust me. I’ve done it. Put your blinders on and become obsessed with YOUR journey. 

I recently saw one of Instagram Reels that was about “What if you created more than you consumed?” –  can you speak on that for us?

AL: This is a little trick I started a few years ago and it’s really helped me with comparison. I make the commitment to create before I consume… and ideally create 5x more than I consume. Scrolling on social is a total time suck and really zaps our creativity. Now, if I catch myself scrolling & feeling behind, I stop and go create. 

What’s a book, podcast or resource you recommend? 

AL: Books I love:

War Of Art. A super short read but arguably one of THE most powerful books I’ve ever read. If you’re feeling stuck as a creative, this will rock your world. Anytime I am feeling resistance, I pick up this book. 

We Are All Weird  + This Is Marketing by Seth Godin. Seth is the GOAT.

Adult ADHD – How To Succeed As A Hunter In A Farmer’s World. If you also have a neurodiverse brain, you will feel so seen.

Where can everyone find you? Pimp yourself out! 

AL: Come say hi & join the weird on Instagram @AngieLeeShow.

Check out our delicious wellness line at If you’re struggling with anxiety, sleep, focus or pain, we gotchu. for merch & for all the things! 


There you have it. Hope you loved all of Angie’s tips & tricks. Putting your phone away at 8pm and a salt rock night light is truly life-changing.

Be sure to checkout Angie’s podcast and follow her on IG @AngieLeeShow.

x, lauryn

+ why you need a salt rock lamp.

++ how to make DIY eucalyptus shower for all the wind down vibes.


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