Amazing Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Dinosaurs

If the child in your life loves dinosaurs, then you’re in luck. Dinosaur gifts don’t just offer kids the chance to play in a magical make-believe world but can also enhance their creative thinking skills and serve as educational tools, all wrapped up in one captivating package. 

Here at WordUnited, we’re pleased to offer a wide selection of dinosaur gifts for kids. If you’re stuck for ideas for your little one’s next birthday or Christmas gift, then check out the dinosaur gift ideas below.  

Puzzles and Jigsaws 

Looking to give your child’s brain power a boost while they think they’re just having fun? Then our selection of dinosaur puzzles and jigsaws is just what you’re looking for. Our puzzles are suitable for children three and older, and include shape sorter puzzles, numbered jigsaw puzzles, and 100 and 300-piece puzzles. 


Ready for some dino-themed fun? Our games, suitable for children three and older, promise hours of family-friendly goodness. Choose from cute dinosaur dominoes, Dinosaurs! Matching, mystic islands, or the Tiny Epic Dinosaurs Game 


Who doesn’t love dinosaur toys? We have a selection of dinosaur counters available, as well as some lovely Lanka Kade wooden dinosaurs. Looking for a lovely keepsake dinosaur gift? The Plan Toys Dino Car will surely be a hit. 


Some kids like to make their own fun. Nurture your child’s vibrant imagination by purchasing our dino finger puppets, which are suitable for 3+year-olds and come jam-packed with awesome goodies, such as a fun 24-page booklet. Our Press Out and Decorate Dinosaur toy allows your children to make their own wonderful 3D dinos. 

Baby Books

Our great collection of dinosaur books for 3+ year-olds makes for the perfect stocking filler or birthday gift. Our cute and fun dino books are educational and bring the magical world of dinosaurs to life. Hear the roar of the Jurassic Era with our Dinosaur Sounds Book, or inspire your child’s artistic side with our lovely Peep Inside Dinosaurs book.  

Picture Books

Does your child love colourful, fun story books about dinosaurs? We bet they do. We offer a selection of dinosaur books for kids, including: 

Guaranteed to become their favourite pre-bed story book! 

Sticker and Activity Books

If your child prefers a more hands-on role in their favourite books, then check out our dinosaur-themed sticker and activity books. Suitable for three-year-olds and above, our colourful sticker books will have your child entertained for hours on end, ensuring that they put their imagination skills to good use. Titles include Dinosaur Mazes, Build Your Own Dinosaur Sticker Book and the Little Children’s Dinosaur Activity Book 


If you’ve got a dino-obsessed child in your life, then our range of dino-themed encyclopaedias will be the perfect gift. Our beautiful collection of dinosaur encyclopaedias includes pop-up books, glossy books with digital images, and fun and cute books that your curiously-minded child will be sure to love.

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