20 of the Top Toys of 2022, According to Amazon

These top toys of 2022 according to Amazon are about to give you major gift inspo

Even if your kiddo hands you—ahem, Santa—a detailed list of what they’re hoping to find under the tree this season, we’re always looking for holiday gift inspiration. Those Dear Santa lists can be fickle and change constantly, and some kids don’t even make one, assuming Santa just knows what they want. After all, he should. With all those factors, it’s good to have a master list of the best of the best gift ideas for inspo. Enter the list of the top toys of 2022, according to Amazon!

These best-selling, high-rated goodies are almost fail-proof presents! After Santa, who would know better than Amazon? It’s also the perfect reference for relatives who are completely at a loss for gift ideas for their nieces, nephews, cousins, grandkids, and more. We suggest linking your loved ones to this list with a little winky emoji and we’ll take it from there. These are some of the top toys of 2022, according to Amazon. You’re about to give Santa a run for his money!

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad

With one graphite pencil, 12 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, and a light-up surface, this one is great for artistic kiddos!

Amazon Review: "I purchased this to draw applique patterns for quilts, and it works great. I also let my grandson use it to draw when he visits.So I bought him another one for home. Heck, I enjoy tracing pictures with it too. I think any age will enjoy this light table." —Patti

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad ($25.16), Amazon

Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

This isn't your average fidget toy. The combination of comfy-in-your-hand pentagons and magnetic elements, this is one dandy distractor!

Amazon Review: "Super satisfying and clicky and there are so many different ways to arrange the pieces. Buy this!" —Alex

Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere ($20.95), Amazon


Magic Mixies

It's about to get real mystical in here! They'll create their own fortune-telling pet by casting a spell and watch as their Magic Mixie appears through the mist!

Amazon Review: "First thing my granddaughter said when she opened the box "it's so beautiful" LOL. Soooo happy I got this for her." —Lori De Los Santos

Magic Mixies ($69.29), Amazon


Lite Brite

Well, hello, old friend! Our childhood fave got an upgrade with more bulbs, a brighter display, and six design templates! Recommended for ages 4+.

Amazon Review: "This is a modern version of the old classic that I played with as a child. Back then, it was one of my favorite toys. Now the new version is one of my granddaughter's favorite toys! This is much more portable than the old version since it runs on batteries and is smaller (but not too small.) The batteries are lasting much longer than I expected too. Another fun feature is the ability to have the lights do different things, like blink, etc. Another satisfied customer." —Sunshine Girl

Lite Brite ($12.99), Amazon

Dance Mat

With 5 different levels of interactive game play, 4-key and 6-key modes, a Bluetooth connection so they can connect their favorite tracks, and non-slip mat, this is sure to be a screen-free favorite!

Amazon Review: "This was a perfect gift for a very active 3 year old. It was as simple as removing it from the box, adding batteries, and then watching her dance around. A very simple yet entertaining product." —Randy

Dance Mat ($59.99), Amazon


Fun Forts Glow

We're actually a little jealous we didn't have these when we were growing up. This set comes with 53 rods and 28 multi-link connecting spheres, plus a design guide! Depending on the amount of space and number of kiddos, you may want to buy more than one for some epic creations.

Amazon Review: "My kids love building forts so I decided to try these. Since they are 9 and 12 I decided to get 2 so they could both fit inside. They think it is so cool, they've created a little lounge inside. You can make different shapes. I got the glow in the dark one and in my opinion it isn't very bright, so I would buy the slightly less expensive one that isn't glow if you wanted to save a little money. Overall this is a great buy!" —Gabrielle

Fun Forts Glow ($35.99), Amazon


LEGO Gear Bots

We already love all things LEGO, and this set takes building to the next level with everything they need to create kinetic creatures using LEGO Technic bricks and papercraft!

Amazon Review: "My son is an engineer and grew up with Lego... now he has a son... so you can see where that's going! I did some research on Gear Bots, and I believe they'll have some educational fun with this for more than a year or two. Remote control has also figured in our lives for many years, so that box is ticked as well. The quality of Lego is such that its indestructible and adaptable. Another great Amazon price." —Anita Fox

LEGO Gear Bots ($19.25), Amazon


Cocomelon Boo Boo JJ Plush

Let your littles learn to help others and tap into their imagination at the same time! JJ's head, elbow, knee, or foot light up when hurt, and he lets you know. Press his tummy and JJ will sing a clip of The Boo Boo Song while he gets all fixed up with tools from the included check-up bag!

Amazon Review: "Our son absolutely LOVES this JJ Boo Boo doll. It sings his favorite boo boo song and he loves that he can he’s JJ’s boo boos and make him feel better. He also loves that it comes with a stethoscope, thermometer and syringe so that he can do a full check up on JJ just like he gets done when he goes to the doctor. This doll is so soft and cuddly also which means I don’t have to worry about him carrying it around everywhere he goes. I highly recommend this doll! Your Cocomelon lover will LOVE this too!" —Brodie

Cocomelon Boo Boo JJ Plush ($39.99), Amazon

Charm Bracelet Making Kit

No tools or glue needed; just their imagination! This is the perfect present for creative little minds that's sure to provide hours of artistic fun.

Amazon Review: "This was a great jewelry kit for my 7 yo granddaughter. I bought it for her birthday and she loved it. The pieces were large enough for her little fingers to handle and she immediately made a bracelet and a necklace for her cousin. I would say it was a big hit for this little girl." —TexasGirl

Charm Bracelet Making Kit ($18.96), Amazon


AquaDragons let kiddos bring an underwater world to life! These are real little sea creatures that look like adorable tiny dragons when hatched. Kids place the eggs in the underwater habitat, and after 48 hours, they watch them come alive. The set comes with everything they need to nurture a whole generation of AquaDragons!

Amazon Review: "I really like this product. The AquaDragons grew and got really big in the tank. The Tank lights up with 2 AAA batteries. I use rechargable batteries. No issues there." —Aurelio Bermudez

AquaDragons ($19.99), Amazon

RC Stunt Car

Not only does this RC car do all the regular moves, it can also roll, rotate, flip, and more! It's rugged enough to drive off-road thanks to its shock absorption, and strong-grip, anti-skid rubber tires.

Amazon Review: "We bought this just for little fun & it has been just that, our puppy even gets a kick out of chasing it. The tires do come off which is nice to clean when we move inside to play, we can clean them. Battery life is fairly good. Charges quickly." —Jess

RC Stunt Car ($31.99), Amazon


Flower Garden Building Set

How sweet is this little garden set? Littles learn how to build, sort, and match with these eco-friendly, BPA-free pieces. Super easy to clean, too!

Amazon Review: "This is an amazing fun activity for the little ones to enjoy. This create your own garden keeps my little one happy and engaged for a good amount of time. We have a real garden at home that she loves to take care of and when we are not there this gives her the same sense of fun and responsibility." —Jordan Agbayani

Flower Garden Building Set ($36.99), Amazon

Bluetooth Karaoke System

It can be a challenge to buy a gift for more than one kiddo, or even a whole family, but we're pretty sure this bluetooth karaoke system checks all the boxes! 

Amazon Review: "We had this in our vacation house and the kids loved it so much I had to get one. It was here when we got home and is great especially the fact that it connects to your phone via Bluetooth!" —Amazon Customer

Bluetooth Karaoke System ($74.99) Here

Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons—50 Ct

In case you're wondering why you haven't seen these before, it's because they're only available through Amazon! Twist up and start creating; no peeling or sharpening required. 

Amazon Review: "These are wonderful. For us it was definitely worth every penny because our child went through broken crayons like crazy. Even the name brand crayons just don't seem to hold up like they use to. And I was hesitant because I figured they must not have as much crayon as regular crayons, but I looked up the size of regular crayons and the size of these twistable were the same. Very pleased with purchase and most of all our child is so happy with it." —Leah

Crayola Mini Twistable Crayons ($11.84), Amazon

Barbie Fairytale Dress-Up

A princess/mermaid/fairy dress-up set with a Barbie? What. A. Win.

Amazon Review: "My daughter loves it. She loves changing her from a mermaid to a princess (with her dress) to a fairy! It’s like 3 dolls in one." —Veronica

Barbie Fairytale Dress-Up ($22.99), Amazon

Gravity Maze

A combination marble run, logic game, and STEM toy, the Gravity Maze contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert. This is really a genius gift!

Amazon Review: "Little did I know, my nephew already wanted the Gravity Maze after playing with it at his school. I found this by searching for the best STEM gifts of 2022, and it doesn't disappoint. It's well constructed, and offers play in addition to practicing strategy and forward-thinking. Highly recommend!" —Lindsay

Gravity Maze ($29.90), Amazon


Ruko 1088 Smart Robot

There's not much the Ruko can't do, to be honest. 10 pieces of music, 24 hand movements, 14 body movements, and 10 expressions available for programming, rechargeable, multiple control options...you really have to see the Ruko to believe it. 

Amazon Review: "We bought this for our 10 year old son for Christmas. He has played with it often and loves it. He especially likes to record funny messages for Carle to repeat back to him. We had an issue with charging and customer service helped us get it worked out right away. Great toy and great service!" —There'n'backagain

Ruko 1088 Smart Robot ($149.99), Amazon


Little People Light-Up Learning Camper

For the little outdoor lover, the Light-Up Learning Camper has songs and phrases in addition to multi-color lights and music!

Amazon Review: "This is outstanding work by Fisher Price. There are multiple ways for a toddlers to use their imagination. My grandson is obsessed with vehicles of any kind and also the outdoors. When the camper is open there is a hammock so it is easy to pretend to go from outside camping to inside RV camping. The only thing I do not care for is the weird Little People figure that is included." —Mimi

Little People Light-Up Learning Camper ($22.99), Amazon

Ninja Obstacle Course

10 obstacles and 50ft slack line, climbing net, ladder, wheel, warrior gymnastics, and monkey bars—this is the ultimate in gifts for active kids!

Amazon Review: "My daughter absolutely loves her new obstacle course! It was easy to assemble, (as long as you know how to use ratchets), and is very sturdy. I ended up needing to contact customer service and they were incredibly helpful and went above and beyond for us. Highly recommend!!!" —Emily

Ninja Obstacle Course ($119.95), Amazon

LEGO Disney Lightyear Zyclops Chase

If they can't get enough Lightyear, this is the set for them! Designed for ages 4+, this is quick to build and teaches them how to craft a LEGO scene, setting them up for LEGO love of a lifetime!

Amazon Review: "Great set for kids. Easy to build with easy instructions. Plus it's Buzz Lightyear. Also, an easy set to collect (three pieces total)."—Nick 

LEGO Disney Lightyear Zyclops Chase ($15.99), Amazon


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