13 Easter Games That Go Way Beyond an Egg Hunt

We especially love the Advent calendar idea

The bunny may bring chocolate and marshmallow goodies, but what about when the hunt is over and you’ve got a free afternoon ahead? Try a few fun Easter games for kids. From egg-cellent educational ideas to bunny-based movement activities, hop to it and add these Easter games for kids to your holiday activity list!

Easter Egg Number Match

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this easy-to-DIY number-matching puzzle activity. It makes a fun activity for kids to practice counting and number recognition this Easter! You may want to keep this one around all spring.

Easter Egg Bowling

Easter game ideas for kids, Easter game ideas, bowling
Kid Friendly Things to Do

Test your bowling skills by rolling your hard-boiled Easter eggs. You can devise different play methods and use stuffed bunnies and carrots to knock down. However you roll it, kids and adults will love this game. Get more details from Kid Friendly Things to Do

Easter-Themed Bunny Bean Bag Toss

Easter games for kids, Easter game ideas, Easter bean bag toss

Bring the fun to your backyard bash with this Easter-themed bunny bean bag toss game from Amazon ($10). The Easter game comes with a 30”x54” gamepad and four carrot-shaped bean bags.

Name Hop Like a Bunny

Easter games for kids, Easter game ideas
Fantastic Fun and Learning

Get in motor fun with this hoppy activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Not only can your kids hop like a bunny, but they can also build early literacy skills.

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Follow the Bunny Footprints

Easter games for kids, Easter game ideas

Turn follow the leader into bunny fun with rabbit feet. Place these cardboard bunny footprints from Amazon ($7) in your backyard, on a walkway, or even in your playroom. The kids can jump from footprint to footprint or follow the rabbit around your home.

Potato Sack Race

Easter games for kids, Easter game ideas

Your little bunnies can get hopping with this potato sack race game from Amazon ($13). Each set comes with six bunny-print potato sacks and bunny ear headbands.

Egg-extravagant Easter Egg Hunt

Are you looking for Easter games with eggs? Even though you could go with the same old Easter egg hunt your kids do every year, you also could kick things up a notch with a color-coded game, treasure map hunt, or one of these other amped-up options.

Colorful Egg Roll

Easter games for kids, Easter game ideas
Hands On As We Grow

With some paper and paint, you can turn a classic Easter game into a fresh new tradition. We absolutely love what Jaime Reimer came up with, and it's a safe bet you will, too. Check out everything you need to know, including what supplies you'll need, by heading over to Hands On As We Grow.

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DIY Confetti Easter Egg Advent Calendar

Easter games for kids, Easter game ideas, easter advent calendar
Squirrelly Minds

This brilliant idea from Squirrelly Minds hits all the marks for a fun easter gamer. Each day in the week leading up to Easter, crack open an egg to a colorful explosion of confetti and an easter activity to do for the day. Check out the full tutorial at Squirrelly Minds

Easter Bingo

This Easter bingo game for kids ($8) is perfect for your family’s holiday party or just an afternoon of at-home play. Get your own set of cards and markers on Amazon.

Felt Egg Puzzles

This Easter, your kids can craft their own puzzle—with felt. Cut colorful craft felt into egg-shaped ovals. Use the felt scraps to make stripes, polka dots, and other pieces. Scatter the felt on a desk or the kitchen table. Your child can puzzle the pieces together to create a design. Unlike paper, the fuzzy felt will stick together. Add an extra layer to the game and ask your child to match colors or shapes on each egg.

Bunny Ear Ring Toss

Easter games for kids , Easter game ideas, ring toss

Need a fun family game or event for your Easter party this year? Inflate this bunny ear-ring toss game, and let the fun begin. The $10 game from Amazon includes two sets of purple bunny ears and 12 bright color toss rings.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

A perfect indoor Easter day game! Pin the Tail on the Bunny is just like the classic pin the tail on the donkey, except you’ll use cotton balls with tape on them rather than a donkey tail.

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